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In the Body Pulse studio, we often discuss how we can fit some of the class exercises on other days of the week.  We came up with the seven-day waist stretch challenge, which is to stretch while you wait for the kettle to boil. As an extra incentive I measure their waist at the start then at the end of the challenge and, so far, clients have never failed to tone up and lose inches!

So when I saw this article and TED talk promoting snacking on exercise, I had to share!

'Do you feel overwhelmed with your 'to do' list that you have no time to exercise?  Sitting is the new smoking, the extended period of sitting is what we need to avoid.  If smoker's take a break why should we not have a movement break?  We could set a recurring timer on our phones to have a movement break.  All we have to do is find four minutes a day to 'snack on exercise', only four minutes this sounds doable. Small things add up to make a big difference.  Four minutes to become fitter, stronger and happier'.



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